Gumdrop Cases Drop Tech Series Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF 101 Rugged Case

Reviewed by Thomas Andersen | Last Updated on Nov 29, 2013
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Drop Tech


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Mr. T would pity the foo’ who doesn’t use this rugged tablet case . As part of their Drop Tech Series, Gumdrop Cases enter the ring of rough’n’tough extreme tablet case designs. With 4 layers of shock-absorbing protection, you’ll be hard pressed to find another case better suited for saving the world from bad guys.

Quick Overview

To say that this case is rugged and durable is almost an understatement. Gumdrop Cases have put together a protective tablet case that could resist almost any climate, situation or adventure. The Drop Tech case for the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer fits exactly to the tablet and offers four layers of shock-absorbing protection. One of the best features is a replaceable, integrated screen protector . If you happen to bust up the screen protector, you can simply order a replacement. No need to get a whole new case.

While all the shock absorption is great, what I found particularly useful was how all the ports are covered with rubber flaps, which is great for keeping out dust or grime. Tablets are meant to be used almost anywhere, so with the Drop Tech Series case you can feel safe using it outside—heck, even bring it camping if you can’t live without your iPad! When all four layers are snapped together, there is a tight seal all around so nothing can get in. As an added bonus, the case is airport security friendly!

Editor's Rating

4.1 out of 5 Stars





All ports and features are accessible, but some buttons aren’t as easy to push. However, the rubber does give some extra surface area so very useful if you are wearing gloves while using.


Polycarbonate front, screen protector frame, polycarbonate back and silicone skin backing. Enough said. It’s not steel but it is sure to keep your iPad safe from just about any damage—impact, dirt, bumps, bruises and even moisture to a degree.


When you have a case with four different parts, there is always a possibility that something won’t work out because of poor cut outs or manufacturing. However, this is far from being true with the Drop Tech Series – Gumdrop Cases flex its design muscles here and show the rest of the tablet world how to build a sturdy, solid and useable case.


At $59.95, the case is a bit pricey compared to other rugged cases, but certainly not as much as you’d pay to replace a damaged tablet. If you use the iPad in extreme situations that require protection, then this is a great value for what you need.


Overall: Good

Whether you are paintballing, mountain climbing or saving the world from bad guys, Gumdrop Cases Drop Tech Series case is here to protect your Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF 101. This is one of the best safeguarding case designs out there.

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  • ASUS Transformer TF101


  • Multiple layers of shock absorption
  • Extra rubber bumpers on the corners
  • Replaceable integrated screen cover


  • Covers up thin and sleek tablet design
  • Hard to remove tablet from the case
  • Some buttons hard to push


  • Exclusively designed for use with the Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF 101
  • Rugged, standout durability
  • Multi-layered barriers and integrated, snap-on screen cover
  • Thick, durable rubber exterior and reinforced corners
  • Replaceable snap-on, integrated screen cover
  • Port protectors Easy-grip surface texture

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