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Lightwedge Sets Antique Kindle Shop on Fire With Verso Cover


Lightwedge Verso Prologue Antique Cover

Lightwedge Verso Prologue Antique Cover is high-quality book tablet case featuring antique design. The luxurious, yet highly durable materials are combined with top quality craftsmanship to offer your precious device great protection, while keeping it stylish.

The case was designed with Amazon Kindle Fire in mind, but will accommodate a wide range of tablets and e-readers including Kindle 3 , Kindle 4 , Kindle Touch , Barnes & Noble Nook , Nook Color, Kobo, Kobo Touch, Sony Touch, Sony WiFi, Sony Daily, Samsung Galaxy Tab (7’’), Dell Streak 7 and BlackBerry PlayBook . Universal corner elastic design will fit most tablets and will hold them securely inside the case.

The comfy front pocket is the best place to store important documents. While the interior pocket will also function as unique Verso patent-pending hand strap system offering a great mobile functionality. The ultra-soft microfiber material on the inside guarantees the tablet’s screen remains scratch free. The case comes in red, green and tan colors.

Tablet2Cases recommends to buy it now for $39.99.

Lightwedge Verso Prologue Antique Cover screenshotVerso Prologue Antique Cover from Lightwedge Verso Prologue Antique Cover from Lightwedge reviewVerso Prologue Antique Cover from Lightwedge screenshot

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  • mynameism

    this case looks really neat. the gold embroidery is like something my grandma would have on her personal diary...classy

  • Omo

    Grandpa! He loved books so much, we have problems where to put them! I loved him so much, and now, in this century You mix the old with the new! Original, elegant, yet useable solution! Need that!