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The New iPad Becomes Clearly Cool With the Beach Set From Echo


Clearly Cool Beach Set from Echo is a pair of transparent tablet sleeves , one designed to fit a smartphone, and the other to accommodate any Apple tablet including the iPad, iPad 2, and the new iPad. The cases were made to protect the devices from the damaging effects of dust and sand.

The Apple iPad case features a secure zipper lock , which seals the sleeve and prevents the tablet from falling out and sand from getting inside the Apple iPad 2 case. The Echo Clearly Cool Beach Set cases come in several bright neon color variations including blue, grey and hot pink.

The new iPad case allows users to fully interact with the tablet’s screen while the device is protected by the case. The Beach Set is an attractive and functional companion allowing tablet and smartphone users to enjoy a sunny day at the beach without having to worry about sand grains damaging the devices.

The price for this case is $38.

Echo Clearly Cool Beach Set screnshotClearly Cool Beach Set from Echo

[Via Echo]
  • Brandon

    I fell in love with the blue one at first sight, and the smaller case for the Iphone is also very very cute, I will add this to my wishlist, my birthday is comming soon.

  • Carry Mayes

    I wish it wouldn't have a color, it changes the screen's original color which doesn't sound too pleasant.

  • lamey

    why would you want to use it in the case?:D this is for safety, when you're not using it and you are on a beach or near water.