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Gumdrop Doesn’t Pull the iPad 5 Cases Despite Getting the Date Wrong

Gumdrop Cases has jumped the gun releasing rugged tablet cases compatible with yet-to-be-announced Apple iPad 5 ahead of the Cupertino company’s WWDC 2013. Well Apple failed to announce the iPad 5 at the event, but Gumdrop isn’t pulling the cases from their store in hope that they got the dimensions right this time.

This is what the CEO of Gumdrop Cases tablet case, Tim Hickman, had to say: "Gumdrop iPad 5 case debuting ahead of the Worldwide Developers Conference was a complete gamble, but we’ve been right four out of five times. Even though Apple didn’t announce the iPad 5, we are confident that the dimensions we have are correct."

Another major Gumdrop Cases miss had occurred back in 2011, when the company released tall iPhone cases anticipating the iPhone 5 introduction, but instead the iPhone 4S came into being, which was the same size as the predecessor.

Gumdrop Cases remains confident their iPad 5 cases are right on the money, although the device’s release date is still a mystery, ranging from July to October 2013 according to different sources. The iPad 5 cases available at the company’s store are the Bounce ($34.95) – a rugged back protector , and Drop Tech Designer Series ($59.99) – a highly durable cover complete with a screen protector and port covers.

It remains to be seen if Gumdrop Cases has got it right this time around, as the iPad 5 is still in the rumorland so far. The most realistic scenario is the Fall release date, as the official iOS 7 introduction falls on that period too, and Apple rarely release a major software upgrade without a piece of hardware to support it.

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[Via International Business Times]
  • Tori

    I think this thick protectors are the best, in my opinion an Ipad or tablet should be protected from the worse which is a bad fall, we all drop things by accident and one of those things can be our beloved Ipad.

  • Frankle

    these guys have balls. it's a bit risky, but if they made it right this going to be a huge success.

  • Jeremy Garcia

    I can´t wait for it to come out, I wanna give it a try, the case looks like it brings a lot of protection but it does not weight that much. I hope they bring the price down a little bit also. I also want to see what apple has available at the time this case comes out.

  • Mark Wimble

    Awesome tablet case I would love to have it, I really like the colors and the patterns, I think the red one is my favorite, great way to avoid slips, falls and bumps, wonderful things are coming out for Ipad 5.

  • Henry_12

    I want to purchase this case, I hope I am able to buy it soon. The look of it seems to be very protective which is what I have been looking for a long time, but while it is available I will give it a shot to a couple of other cases.