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Lifedge Upgrades its Waterproof Case to Better Portect the iPads

Price $158.00


Lifedge continue their love affair with Apple iPads by updating their highly popular Waterproof Case. The industry leading waterproof tablet case combines full dust and water protection with incredible ease of use and mobility. The case is certified with IP68 rating and is compatible with the iPad 2 and up. Despite is water-tight capabilities, it still provides easy access to iPad’s charging port. Other ports and buttons can also be easily reached, but are securely protected when not in use. The built-in screen protector come with anti-abrasion coating to keep the screen’s sensitivity and clarity.

Lifedge Waterproof Case review The Lifedge tablet case sports a built-in hand strap for increased functionality
Lifedge Waterproof Case screenshot All ports are waterproofed, but can still be accessed easily at any time within the iPad 4 case
Waterproof Case from Lifedge The Lifedge Waterproof Case comes with an integrated stand option offering comfy viewing angles

  • Laura

    Waterproof is needed, good to know its out there,

  • Patrick

    I almost flip when I saw the price, but when I started reading the complete description, well waterproof is worth the pain to expend a bit more than I had in mind, so I´m getting one of these and I´m recommending it as well.

  • Abraham Sawock

    this going to be real useful for me since I live in Scotland and it's raining most of the time:D thanks for the tip!

  • sawyer_d.

    I wish it would be like.. half the price, but you must pay for the protection.