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Top 5 Kids’ Cases

By David Landry / July 24, 2012 Editorial no comments

Tablet users are getting younger and younger, it seems, and with good reason. As the 21st century marches on, the demand for schoolchildren to have knowledge of electronic media has created an entire generation which learns on a tablet PC first. Of course, parents entrusting an expensive Apple new iPad or other tablet to children will have certain factors in mind – for the younger the child is, the more potential damage can be done to the tablet without a suitable kids case .

Awaken the Child Inside the iPad With the Etch A Sketch From Headcase

By David Landry / March 6, 2012 Cases no comments

Etch A Sketch from Headcase brings together the Apple iPad and the world’s favorite drawing toy – the Etch A Sketch. The idea for the unusual combination came out to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the toy. And the end-result is magnificent: not only does the new tablet clam case looks cool, its highly functional too.