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Ballistic Uses Proprietary Tech to Shield the iPad Mini With Urbanite

The Urbanite from Ballistic may be the entry-level rugged tablet case from the company, but it still offers better impact protection than the majority of the competitors. The tablet shell is designed using proprietary HexTec Six-Sided Drop Protection Technology shielding the iPad Mini from all sides from impacts and even drops. Corners receive special attention as they are one of the most vulnerable parts of a tablet. Raised bezel and corners ensure screen protection when the device is placed face down on even surfaces. Available in two color combinations

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Rugged Folio From ZAGG Reinvents Keyboard Cases for the iPad Air

The renowned maker of high-quality tablet keyboard cases and other accessories, ZAGG, has ventured into producing rugged tablet cases. The outcome turned out to be quite good: Rugged Folio is not only highly durable, but offers great versatility. The accessory provides the users with lots of ways to enjoy their iPad Air: they can use it as a book, as a folio, and a tablet stand case, and of course as a keyboard. The built-in battery can last up to 2 years in between charges.

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Trident Case Industrialize the iPad Air With the Kraken A.M.S.

Trident Case launched Kraken A.M.S. Industrial Edition – a pair of rugged tablet cases for the iPad Air designed to shield the tablet in the most stark conditions. The cases are capable of repelling oleic acid, alcohol, sweat, as well as household cleaners. Both of the cases are basically robust tablet shells offering an all-round protection, but one of them also features a handle. There’s a built-in screen protector on both of them and a cushioning inner layer for extra durability. Ports are protected by TPE plugs, which can be removed instantly. The cases also boast quite an impressive list of optional accessories: shoulder strap, hand strap, car mount, stand, and many more.

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A 2nd Degree BlackBelt From Kensington Especially for the iPad Mini

Kensington launched yet another unbreakable rugged tablet case for the iPad Mini – BlackBelt 2nd Degree. The case boasts a two-piece construction: polycarbonate x-frame is covered by a cushioned layer of rubber. This combination meets the Military STF-810G standard and keeps the device safe from whatever comes its way. The raised bezel and embedded screen protector keep the iPad Mini’s scree safe. The case also comes with a built-in hand strap offering a comfy way to hold it.

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SnowLizard Takes the iPads on the SLXtreme Trail

The SLXtreme from SnowLizard is the ultimate all-in-one accessory for the iPad 2-4. The rugged tablet case not only offers extreme impact protection compatible with Military 810G standard, but it also features a built-in battery for 10,200 mAh, and VESA mount compatibility. The case sports a USB out, allowing users to charge other device from its battery source. And the mount compatibility ensures it can be mounted and used just about anywhere.

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Top 5 iPad Mini Cases Today

The iPad Mini has revolutionized the tablet market, offering the same productivity and functionality as the big brother, but in a compact and lightweight body. The launch of the iPad Mini 2 last year has further increased the popularity of the smaller tablet with Apple devices fans. Naturally, every self-respecting case maker is offering accessories to protect and carry the iPad Mini. Browse through our selection of the Top 5 iPad Mini cases to see which accessories are the best and why.

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Top 5 Latest Tablet Cases to Protect the iPad Air

The iPad Air may not be new anymore, and the rumors of its successor are gaining momentum every day. But the tablet is still getting plenty of attention from case and accessories maker with a new product coming out almost every day. Let’s take a closer look at the freshest iPad Air cases to just hit the market.

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Top Five iPad Air Cases for Everyday Use

While Apple may soon announce a new flagship tablet device, the iPad Air still rules the world as the best from the Cupertino company. But having an iPad is one thing keeping it safe and sound is another story. Let’s take a closer look at a selection of the best cases for this model, which are both simple in use, deliver great functionality and most of all affordable.

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Logitech Have Their Own Big Bang Theory for the iPad Mini

Logitech turn their attention to durable protection of the iPad Mini with the new rugged tablet case – Big Bang. Made from shock-absorbent polyurethane and glass fiber on the outside and highly-durable polycarbonate on the inside the case exceeds MIL-STD 810 G, Ministry of Defense durability standard. Unique design keeps the case slim and lightweight, despite serious drop and impact protection. Comes with auto sleep/wake functionality.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 Survives Hard Times With the Griffin Case

Every tablet needs a safe home, at least that’s what folks at Griffin think. Their extremely popular line of rugged tablet cases gets extended whenever a new device hits the market. The latest one is designed to fit the newly launched Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4. The case follows the tradition and delivers great all-round protection in a lightweight body. The Survivor meets the MIL-STD-810G US Department of Defense conditions. The integrated screen protector provides additional protection for the screen. Ports receive their own coverage shielding them from dust and debris.

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