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The New Generation of Rugged iPad Cases From iGear Has Arrived

By Alexey Budarin / April 8, 2014 Cases no comments

iGear launched G4 – a rugged tablet case available in iPad Air and iPad Mini size. The new generation of the popular line of cases delivers extra tough protection thanks to shock-absorbent silicone construction. The soft rubberized coating increased grippability. The case comes with a built-in screen protector and a reinforced polycarbonate inner shell for extra safety. All ports and buttons can be accessed freely. The case is compatible with charging docks from the manufacturer.

The iPads Enjoy Customizable Protection Inside the K Kuvs Klover

By Alexey Budarin / March 25, 2014 Cases no comments

The Klover from K Kuvs is a rugged tablet case for the iPad 2-4 with a twist. On top of durable impact and drop protection the case also delivers attractive looks. The rubber outer shell comes with Ezee Grip ergonomics ensuring perfect grip on the case. Multi-layered construction delivers extra durability where it’s needed. All ports and buttons can be accessed freely and there are special perforations for excellent sound flow from the speakers. There are eight customizable color combination options.

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 Comes Out of the Gumdrop Cases Hideaway

By Alexey Budarin / March 25, 2014 Cases no comments

The Hideaway from Gumdrop Cases is a rugged tablet case designed specifically for the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2. The case delivers the most in durable protection with its multi-layered design. There’s also a one-of-a-kind snap-on integrated screen protector included in the package. Port openings also receive shielding with special inserts, which can be removed to provide immediate access.

Griffin Takes Additional Care of the iPads With the Harness Kit

By Alexey Budarin / March 11, 2014 Cases no comments

Griffin presented the Harness Kit for its Survivor rugged tablet cases. The new accessory is a kind of a jacket, which attaches to the case via four-point mounting system and highly increases its functionality. The Harness Kit provides various ways to carry the case, offers additional storage space, delivers a hand strap for one-handed use, and sports additional weather protection. The new kit is compatible with the iPad 2-4 version of the Survivor case.

Angry Alex Agitated by the Colors Case Makers Select for Some Products

By Alexey Budarin / February 14, 2014 Editorial no comments

Keeping your tablet device safe is important, no doubt about that, but most of the current accessories are way too bulky if you want ruggedness. Unfortunately very few case makers out there understand the importance of combining good looks with protection and functionality. Additionally the latest problem seems to be the use of colors, as if the ‘90s are everything is now boasting acid colors, and is sparkling and shining. Let’s take a closer look.

The iPad Air Plays With the New Survivor Case From Griffin

By Alexey Budarin / February 13, 2014 Cases no comments

The iPad Air gets a brand new rugged tablet case from Griffin – the Survivor Play. With their extensive experience in making tough accessories, the manufacturers know a lot when it comes to shielding a tablet from impacts and dents. The tough silicon material will absorb shock and vibrations while the inner plastic skeleton strengthens rigidity of the case. All ports and buttons are protected with rubber covers. The unique design with a double wedge provides users with a tight two-handed grip on the case.

The iPad Air Will Survive Tough Life With the New Griffin Case

By Alexey Budarin / February 5, 2014 Cases no comments

The iPad Air receives its very own Survivor from Griffin. The popular rugged tablet series is now compatible with the latest Apple tablet as well. Just as before the case is all about superior impact and drop protection, proven to meet MIL-STD-810 military standards. The screen protector will shield from water splashes and scratches, while sealed port blocks ensure no dust and debris get inside. The built-in silicon cladding minimizes vibration.

Kensington SafeGrips the iPads With the New Rugged Case

By Alexey Budarin / January 31, 2014 Cases no comments

The SafeGrip from Kensington is an extremely tough rugged tablet case designed to survive the K-6, shared-use environment. The case is crafted from tough exterior material and will survive anything kids will put it through. Compatible with the iPad 2-4, the case comes with a screen protector to eliminate the risk of scratching and smudging. The Kensington case delivers a comfy handle, a built-in stylus holder, and a small pocket for the most important stuff.

The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Feels Safe Inside the Incipio ATLAS

By Alexey Budarin / January 30, 2014 Cases no comments

While everyone is busy protecting the iPads, Incipio turn their attention to keeping the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite safe. Their newest ATLAS rugged tablet case is specifically to keep the Amazon e-reader well-protected from water, impacts, and even drops. The hard-shell frame combined with soft-shell core and waterproof sealing ensure superior protection come what may. The case also features a screen protector, which shields the screen, but retains full touchscreen functionality.