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Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 Survives Hard Times With the Griffin Case

By Alexey Budarin / April 23, 2014 Cases no comments

Every tablet needs a safe home, at least that’s what folks at Griffin think. Their extremely popular line of rugged tablet cases gets extended whenever a new device hits the market. The latest one is designed to fit the newly launched Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4. The case follows the tradition and delivers great all-round protection in a lightweight body. The Survivor meets the MIL-STD-810G US Department of Defense conditions. The integrated screen protector provides additional protection for the screen. Ports receive their own coverage shielding them from dust and debris.

The iPad Air Will Survive Tough Life With the New Griffin Case

By Alexey Budarin / February 5, 2014 Cases no comments

The iPad Air receives its very own Survivor from Griffin. The popular rugged tablet series is now compatible with the latest Apple tablet as well. Just as before the case is all about superior impact and drop protection, proven to meet MIL-STD-810 military standards. The screen protector will shield from water splashes and scratches, while sealed port blocks ensure no dust and debris get inside. The built-in silicon cladding minimizes vibration.

The iPad Air Becomes a Survivor Inside the New Case From Griffin

By David Landry / November 7, 2013 Cases no comments

The famous rugged tablet cases line from Griffin – Survivor – gets an update for the iPad Air. The case is certified to meet the requirements of the US Department of Defense MIL-STD-810 standards. The built-in screen protector shields not only from scratches and smudges, but protects against wind and rain. The durable inner frame construction ensures the tablet is protected against impacts, scuffs and even drops. All ports are sealed to protect them against dust and debris. One of the most interesting features of the case is its vibration protection, ensured by the silicone cladding blocks.

US Department of Defense Approves Griffin Survivor for the New iPad

By Thomas Andersen / March 27, 2012 Cases no comments

Survivor from Griffin is a highly durable tablet clam case designed to fit the Apple iPad 2 and the new iPad. The case is tested and certified to meet the harsh conditions set by the US Department of Defense. You can subject the tablet to even the most extreme impacts and drops: nothing will damage it.

Infantry Generals Amazed by the Pink iPad 2 Survivor Case From Griffin

By Alexey Budarin / January 25, 2012 Cases no comments

Griffin showed the whole world that it’s not only the army, which gets the best of the best. It’s latest tablet protector – Survivor – was tested and certified according to tough US Department of Defense Standard 810F. Rest assured: inside this case your Apple iPad 2 will be protected from even the most extreme conditions.