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Trident Case Calls Upon Perseus To Shield the Kindle Fire From Damage

The Perseus from Trident Case is not only available for Apple tablet devices, there are other versions including the one for the Kindle Fire. The tablet shell is one of the lightest, but strongest tablet shells available out there. The shock-absorbing silicon is not only prone to daily bumps and bruises, but also delivers a much tighter grip on the device thanks to anti-skid texture. Each case also comes with a self-applicable screen protector further enhancing protective capabilities.

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Trident Case Industrialize the iPad Air With the Kraken A.M.S.

Trident Case launched Kraken A.M.S. Industrial Edition – a pair of rugged tablet cases for the iPad Air designed to shield the tablet in the most stark conditions. The cases are capable of repelling oleic acid, alcohol, sweat, as well as household cleaners. Both of the cases are basically robust tablet shells offering an all-round protection, but one of them also features a handle. There’s a built-in screen protector on both of them and a cushioning inner layer for extra durability. Ports are protected by TPE plugs, which can be removed instantly. The cases also boast quite an impressive list of optional accessories: shoulder strap, hand strap, car mount, stand, and many more.

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Both iPad Minis Can Now Enjoy Cyclops Protection From Trident Case

Trident Case have upgraded their Cyclops tablet shells line, which is now compatible with both versions of the Apple iPad Mini. The case is crafted from two parts: back panel and front shell, this combination maximizes impact protection. The case comes with port and jack plugs, which keep them safe and always accessible to users. The built-in screen protector takes care of scratches and smudges. A special design redirects sounds towards the front of the device for an enhanced experience.

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The Aegis Rugged Cases From Trident Now Fit the iPad Air

Trident Case have updated their Aegis line of rugged tablet cases to accommodate the iPad Air. All the great features of the previous generations have been kept intact, ensuring the tablet gest superior protection within a slim and lightweight case. The Aegis comes with an interior layer of shock-absorbing silicone, and an exterior layer of hard polycarbonate combination. All ports are protected with silicone plugs, and there are dust filters to shield the speakers. The case is delivered with a screen protector, offering buyers a choice to apply it or not.

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