Established 1997
Origin ITALY
Link Website
Product range Small

For centuries, the notebook was a handy and trusted companion for many of the world’s great artists, thinkers and writers. And in 1997 a small Milanese publisher founded Moleskine, in order to bring this legendary accessory back to life so it could resume its travels and serve as an indispensable counterpart to the portable technology of today. In both the real and digital worlds, this particular brand has ultimately become synonymous with culture, travel, imagination and personal identity.

The brand currently offers two Moleskine cases that are exclusively designed for tablets. One is a book tablet case with a notepad designed with the simplicity of a tablet cover and built specifically for the first-generation Apple iPad . The other is a 10'' tablet sleeve . With their genuine leather material and price (45-75 EUR), these particular accessories, similar to many of Moleskine’s products, are created to attract the mid to high-end consumer.

Moleskine views their products as partners for the creative and imaginative individuals of our time, as they are a symbol for worldwide contemporary nomadic culture. Much like the renowned artists, thinkers and writers of long ago, this company should also enlighten and inspire you to buy Moleskine tablet cases.


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