Waterproof cases are primarily designed to be ideal for any tablet owner who finds him- or herself using the device in humid or moist climates with above-quality protection.

    Β  LifeProof is a young, energetic company that designs, manufactures and markets their own distinct line of cases and other accessories for smartphones and tablet computers. The company is based in San Diego, a place where the sun pretty much shines everyday of the year. Yet the brand recognizes the need for all-environment protection, which is why LifeProof cases are designed to keep devices...

    LifeJacket (Formerly known as DriPadz) is a brand owned and operated by Global Navigation Authority, LLC. Based in West Palm Beach Florida, the parent company began 2009 when it introduced the original LifeJacket iPad case for extreme weather protection. The debut LifeJacket cases shine a clear light on the brand name (perhaps the real mystery is how the company was able to create the...

    The Lifedge brand set sail in May 2012, and launched by Scanstrut, a world-wide leader of installation and mounting solutions for marine electronics. Lifedge creates solutions for the biggest fish in the tablet computer sea, the iPad. Lifedge cases are designed to go head to head against some of the biggest industry sharks that specialize in the very best protective cases for this particular...

    Just as their name suggests, this company has designed and manufactured a case to keep your valuable handheld gadgets dry. DryCase is located in North Carolina and was spawned from Dry Corp LLC, a manufacturer of products for the medical industry. Located just 10 minutes from the beach, this company tests all of its products in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.
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