Celebrate Apple’s Birthday Together With Millions of Happy Device Owners

As we all know Apple was created by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in Cupertino, California. But few of us know that it was on April 1, 1976, when the company has seen the light of day. And no, it’s not an April’s Fool joke.

Since its creation Apple spent more than three decades producing personal computers, some of which changed how people perceived computers – Macintosh, Power Mac, etc. The main business of the giant multinational corporation is now consumer electronics with the iPhone and the iPad dominating its sales.

But it wasn’t until 2001, when the guys from Cupertino broke onto the market and established themselves as the leaders in consumer electronics and media sales with the introduction of the iPod and iTunes.

The first iPhone was introduced on June 29, 2007, and since then, like clockwork, we see a new version every year with the iPhone 7 coming this autumn. But it wasn’t until the iPad’s introduction on April 3, 2010, when Apple has really started to grow big. On June 30, 2015, Apple has become the world’s largest publicly traded corporation by market capitalization with $530 billion in total value.

With the iPad releases Apple follows the same release schedule as iPhones, introducing a new one almost every year. We now have six versions of the popular gadget and the seventh – 9.7 iPad Pro can also be counted here, as it’s the same size as the other 10” devices from Apple. Besides the main line of tablets, there have been four versions of the smaller device, the iPad Mini, measuring 7.9”, and a larger one – the iPad Pro, which measures 12.9”.

Naturally, the iPad isn’t the only tablet device on the market, with competition breathing heavily down its neck. But certainly the Cupertino techy wonders remain the most popular ones, for their simplicity of use multi-functionality, and not in the last degree thanks to their great design.

The first Android powered tablet – Motorola Xoom – was released in February 2011, and since then a long list of tech makers have introduced their own versions of how a tablet device should look like. With over 250 million iPads sold, Apple holds second place by sales, but only because they are alone against several dozens of companies making tablet run by the open-base software.

One of key factors of the iPad’s success is the vastness of native apps for it in the App Store. Users can choose between 475,000 apps ranging from books and games to cooking apps and electronic magazines. Android is catching up in this respect, but they are nowhere near the number.

Naturally, a good tablet needs great protection, and thousands of case makers around the world create tablet case for Apple tablets. Ranging from simple tablet sleeves to sophisticated tablet rugged cases, there is plenty to choose from for every budget and taste. Select the iPad model you have to find out what cases are better suited for your gadget here.


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