Combine Style and Function With Knomo Curzon Tablet Bag

Knomo presented yet another highly stylish tablet accessory – Curzon, which can be used not only as a tablet bag, but also an everyday tote. The case is crafted from lightweight linen and cotton blend offering enough impact protection without adding unnecessary bulk. The bag has been spray-coated with special substance to prevent dust and water splashes from getting through. On the inside, the case is lined with super soft grosgrain eliminating the risk of scratching. The bag can fit any size tablet and up to 15” laptops, besides numerous accessories. There are a couple of exterior pockets on top of the main interior compartment and smaller interior pockets. The main opening is secured via zipper lock, and there is a double handle allowing a comfy way to carry the bag.

About Knomo:

Our journey started in 2004. I had a good job in a large corporation and was slowly and painfully, climbing the corporate ladder. Life was like 'Groundhog Day', I would spend more than an hour battling the morning traffic to get to my cubicle on time. Most days involved hours of manipulating spreadsheets and PowerPoint followed by another torturous drive home. It was the same most days of the week. The company I worked for made toilet paper - not easy to get excited about that - or find any meaning in the company mission.

I craved a change of scenery. And so I got together with a good friend, Benoit, who was equally frustrated with his working days. We started Knomo because we wanted to build a company that was flexible, spontaneous and exciting. We wanted to meet interesting people doing cool things, and we didn't want to be bound to our desk. Most importantly, we wanted to create a product that people loved and that made a difference in their lives. Since then, Knomo has been about high quality, thoughtfully-crafted products designed for life on the go, liberating you from your desk.

The last 10 years haven't been easy - it's without a doubt the hardest thing we've had to do. But definitely the most rewarding. We get a real kick from meeting happy Knomo customers and seeing a Knomo out and about. We are now sold in many countries and our team is spread across several continents. And every year our products get better. Thanks to the feedback from customers, we gain valuable information that we use to improve all our designs. We hope that you will try a Knomo and look forward to hearing how it performs when you're on the go.

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