Reduce Your Carbon Footprint This Earth Day

Eco-friendly tablet cases

Did you know that in the United States alone, 60 million plastic bottles are thrown away every single day? Most of them end up in landfills or littered on the streets and in bodies of water. This phenomenon is creating a global crisis, as only 1 in 5 plastic bottles is recycled. We know that with the busy schedules we all keep, helping the environment can seem almost impossible.

However, there are easy ways you can help! First, you should recycle whenever possible, use a reusable water bottle and work to reduce your waste. Second, you should buy as many products made from recycled materials as possible.

To celebrate Earth Day, 55% OFF on BlueLounge Bonobo Sleeve or Bag. Both cases are made from 100% PET recycled bottles.

Buelounge Bonobo Apple iPad
8-9.7” Tablet Sleeve

Bluelounge Bonobo sleeve for iPad and tablets from recycled materials


Price$44.95 50% OFF



Bluelounge Bonobo Sling Apple iPad
8"-10" Tablet Bag

Bluelounge Bonobo shoulder bag for iPad and tablets from recycled materials




Price$99.95 50% OFF
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