Know Your Exchange Rate Overseas with Best Currency Converter Tablet Apps

Best Currency Converter Tablet Apps

There are over 180 currencies in the world. That is a lot to keep track of when traveling. You want to have control over finances especially overseas. Understanding the value of what you are paying is really important. Currency converter apps are great for giving the control you want over money while on vacation. So what currency converter app to download for your next vacation?




oanda app

The Oanda app (read like O & A) uses leading marketing data to update the exchange rates of more than 190 countries daily. Choose the currency you have and the currency you want then see the exchange rate in real time. Have commonly used currencies? Oanda saves them for quick access. You can also specify to see Interbank rates and add additional percentages to conversions. 




currency app

Currency is hailed as the number one currency converter for the iPhone. It is simple and provides up-to-date currency rates for more than 150 countries. Want to know how much $100 USD is in Japan and in China? You can! Add multiple countries to your currency list and see multiple currency conversions at once. This app works for iOS and Android and even works with the Apple Watch.



XE Currency

XE currency app

With XE you can follow as many as 20 currencies at a time. When the exchange rate changes the app sends an alert. Rates are checked every 60 seconds to provide the most up-to-date information. Calculate prices in the app using the local currency and your home currency. Have no internet access or data? XE stores the last updated rate, allowing comfortable use offline.



Currency converter apps are easy ways to take control over finances overseas. See conversion rates in real time and know exactly how much you are paying for a good or service. The 3 apps mentioned above are some of the best on the market and are sure to help on your next big vacation.

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