Find Cheap Gas, Free Parking and the Fastest Route – All on Your Tablet

useful-apps-for-carThe days of driving around staring at a map are over. Smartphones are the new map and with so many great apps available, they help making commuting easier. With apps for directions, apps for finding best gas prices and apps for finding parking, your tablet or smartphone will be your greatest copilot.



Google Maps


Probably the most popular navigation app, Google Maps gives directions based on traffic in real time. It is also integrated with OpenTable allowing you to make reservations directly in the app. Before deciding where to go, take a look at the location first with Google Street View and Indoor Maps. If you are a Gmail user or logged into a Google service and search an address it will show up in the app without having to search for it again.





Waze operates with help from the community. Community members can input traffic information based on their drive and then Waze sends you alerts. The app allows users to input traffic jams, car accidents, speed traps and road hazards. Maps are constantly updated to reflect changes in roads and routes, making it one of the most accurate navigation apps. Connect with Facebook and coordinate with your friends on arrival times.  Waze also syncs with Google Maps to upload traffic reports.





GasBuddy helps find the cheapest gas near you or in a certain city or zip code. Users of the app help each other by reporting gas prices in their area. They can participate in challenges or compete against others to get on a leaderboard. Gas prices for USA, Canada and Australia are available and anyone who submits prices can earn awards. Prices show lowest to highest with the gas station and time the price was updated, giving the most current price.





Finding parking can be super difficult, especially in big cities.SpotHero helps solve this problem. Look for parking near your location and compare it with the rates of other garages. Once you find the perfect spot, pay for it in the app. Then follow the directions given to find the parking garage or spot you chose. SpotHero is available in all the major US cities including San Francisco, New York and Chicago. It is easy to use and can save users as much as 50 percent for parking.




Driving doesn’t have to be a hassle. Use these 4 driving apps on your tablet the next time you hit the road and have a perfect driving experience. What is your dream road trip? Let us know in the comments.



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