Rise and Shine with Best Tablet and Smartphone Alarm Clock Apps


Waking up is never fun but we have to do it to get to work, take kids to school or workout. Often the alarm clocks on our phones and tablets aren’t enough to wake us up. When they do wake us up, they often put us in a bad mood or wake us too abruptly. Many alarm clock apps are changing the game and making it easier and more enjoyable to wake up every morning. So what are the best tablet and smartphone alarm clock apps?






CARROT is a talking alarm clock app made exclusively for iOS. Simply set the alarm by swiping up or down to select wake up time. When the alarm goes off, you are greeted by a female voice who will sing songs or speak to you. The more you hit snooze, the more upset she will get, threatening if you hit it again. To shut the alarm off completely a task must be completed, like shaking the phone to clean monkey cages. The more you use it, the more rewards you will get that include new songs and app upgrades.



Sleep Cycle


Sleep Cycle tries to make waking up easy by waking you during light sleep. It works by following sleep cycles using sound analysis and movement tracking. For the app to track sleep you will need to place your phone on the nightstand (iOS) or in bed (Android. Sleep Cycle will wake you up during your lightest sleep, closest to your alarm time. The app also tracks your sleeping history, quality of sleep and waking pulse (paid version only). You can choose from several melodies to wake you. Snooze is activated by slightly moving your phone.



Timely Alarm Clock


Timely makes it easy to set your alarm and wake up with ease. Simply swipe the screen to set the time and choose one of their unique melodies to wake you. The Smart Rise feature helps wake up gently by gradually increasing the volume of your chosen melody. . Timely won’t let you completely turn your alarm off meaning you won’t accidentally oversleep. It works across devices and is customizable, giving the choice of several colors within the app.



Alarm Clock Pro


Alarm Clock Pro is a simple alarm clock app that allows you to wake up to your favorite songs. It features a color display that can be used in landscape or portrait mode and customized with 1 of 7 colors. You can set the app to fade in your alarm, helping wake up easier. The Sleep Timer feature works by letting you choose a playlist, podcast or audiobook to listen to while falling asleep.



Never wake up on the wrong side of the bed again with these 4 best alarm clock tablet apps on the market. Have an alarm app you love? Let us know in the comments!



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