Give your iPad a New Skin with UrbanTool’s SlySkin 11" Golf

  • SlySkin 11" Golf case for iPad from UrbanTool
  • SlySkin 11" Golf case for iPad from UrbanTool review
  • SlySkin 11" Golf case for iPad from UrbanTool screenshot

The UrbanTool SlySkin 11" Golf is a tablet sleeve case for iPad and other similarly sized tablets, which is both lightweight and highly protective of the device. The new case is made of neoprene and weighs only 150 grams. Its extra soft padded interior protects the pad from scratches and smudges while cleaning the screen at the same time.

The SlySkin case features a useful fabric flap, which keeps the iPad firmly in place, preventing it from slipping out. The exterior neoprene material not only protects the pad from minor bumps and shocks, but also keeps water and unwanted dust away from the device.

The upper side of the case has a leather strip, adding a touch of sophistication to the design. The backside is made of 100% cotton, providing a nice feel to the case.

The case can be purchased for €50.

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