Launch your iPad into Space with LaunchPort System from iPort

  • iPort LaunchPort System for iPad

iPad LaunchPort system from iPort is a combination of a tablet skin with truly revolutionary features. The new case is a unique way to mount and charge the device anywhere you please. The whole system includes the case, which is called PowerShuttle, the BaseStation and the WallStation. The LaunchPort utilizes the principles of magnets and induction charging (wireless).

PowerShuttle, the tablet skin case, is made of soft, durable materials and holds the tablet securely inside. All ports and buttons can be freely accessed with the case on the iPad 2 . The case is used to mount the device to either BaseStation or/and WallStation. The case also features a wave guide to direct the sound, coming from the speaker, back at users. The case can also be mounted to any metallic surface.

The BaseStation is a convenient way to mount the pad to a table top and charge, while interacting with the device. The station has an induction mounting and charging node, which offers a connection point for the case. The WallStation is essentially the BaseStation for your walls.

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