Get Along with Fashion with Twelve South Anna Sui BookBook for iPad

  • Twelve South Anna Sui BookBook for iPad
  • Twelve South Anna Sui BookBook for iPad review

Anna Sui BookBook from Twelve South is a tablet designer case for iPad . Essentially it’s a book tablet cases , featuring stunning looks from fashion designer Anna Sui. The case was shown to the wide public during the New York Fashion Week and will go on sale in spring 2012.

The case has a distressed leather cover , featuring layers of purple and black, protecting the pad from minor shocks and bumps. The pad is secured inside the case with the help of dual zippers without any possibility to slip out. Soft black velvet interior guards the pad from smudges and scratches.

The front cover of the new case has romantic swirls of vines and roses on it, while the spine features signature Anna Sui butterfly and rose designs. The BookBook is a handmade tablet case , ensuring no two cases are the same.