Uncork your iPad 2 with Otis case from Matt and Nat

  • Matt and Nat Otis case for iPad 2
  • Matt and Nat Otis case for iPad 2 review
  • Matt and Nat Otis case for iPad 2 screenshot

Matt and Nat introduced Otis, a tablet sleeve for iPad 2 made of 100% cork. The unusual material underlines the company’s commitment to environmental friendliness. The ultra-soft interior of the case is made entirely from recycled bottles. This faux suede lining guards the pad from unwanted scratches.

The case also features a zipper to securely close the tablet inside the case and prevent any slip outs. An exterior pocket of the case is a perfect place to store smaller accessories such as cables and charger.

The case can do better with a detachable shoulder strap, but probably Matt and Nat ran out of corks to make it from. The Otis case is a perfect tablet case for those iPad 2 owners who are looking to combine unusual style with environmental friendly protection for their device.

The case is sold for $95.

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