Best Merger and Acquisition - Belkin Merge Sleeve for 7 inch Tablets

  • Belkin Merge Sleeve for 7 inch tablets
  • Belkin Merge Sleeve for 7 inch tablets review
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Belkin introduced Merge Sleeve – a tablet sleeve for 7 inch devices. The new case is a slim tablet protector for any tablet measuring 7 inches. Its two-tone woven exterior combines stylish looks with increased grip security.

The case fits any 7 inch tablet perfectly, ensuring the device stays inside the case and preventing accidental slip outs. The soft interior of the case keeps unwanted scratches away from the tablet’s screen. The exterior material is both durable and flexible guarding the device from minor bumps and bruises.

The case comes with a high-quality zipper , which closes the device firmly inside the sleeve. The new case offers several color options: the blacktop can be complimented by red carpet, skyscrapper or purple lightning designs. The new case comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

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