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  • Bracketron iRoom iDock Case for iPad and iPad 2
  • Bracketron iRoom iDock Case for iPad and iPad 2 review

Bracketron iRoom iDock is a wall mount tablet case compatible with both Apple iPad and Apple iPad 2 . The new case is an ideal solution for safe and secure tablet placement. The iRoom iDock can be integrated into any wall via a specially designed flush-mounted socket and connected to a power supply afterwards.

The tablet can be easily inserted into the case mounted on the wall. The case will automatically recharge the device. Owners can choose between a landscape and portrait mounting options. The new case comes in black or white colors. Custom colors can also be ordered from the manufacturer.

The iRoom iDock features a motorized docking and release mechanism and a proximity sensor to automatically open the iDock. The case also comes with an automated closing function. Both sensors can be disabled when not in use.