Cowboys Appreciate iMagnum HTC Flyer Case From Piel Frama

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  • iMagnum from Piel Frama
  • iMagnum from Piel Frama review

Piel Frama iMagnum is a unique book tablet case for HTC Flyer. Handmade in Spain from the top quality cowskin leather this tablet case is padded with thermoplastic polymer. This one-of-a-kind structure combines impact resistance with perfect fitting for the device.

The new case also features ABS inserted protection making it one of the toughest HTC Flyer companions on the market. The case comes with a stylus holder conveniently placed on the side of the tablet book. All ports and buttons of the device are freely accessed with the case on the tablet.

The vulnerable screen of the device is protected from scratches by the inner side of the cowhide on the inside of the case. The iMagnum can also double up as a tablet stand case offering several viewing angles. The new case comes in black, brown, green, red, blue and green colors.

The case can be yours for €110.

[Peil Frama]
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