Allsop Wears its Heart on Ohmetric Tablet Sleeve

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Allsop Ohmetric Tablet Sleeve is an all-in-one tablet sleeve offering great protection, ergonomic design and wrist support for comfy typing. This neoprene is big enough to host any tablet or a small netbook. The neoprene material not only guards the device from impacts, it also keeps it scratch free.

Ohmetric sleeve comes with a Velcro-fastened flap to secure the tablet inside the case and prevent accidental fall outs. The sleeve features a rigid side to offer a perfect lapdesk functionality on-the-go. Just place the case on your lap and you instantly receive a typing desk wherever you go.

The cover of the sleeve can be folded in a way to create a comfy wrist rest. This option provides a nice hand and wrist support for hassle-free typing, allowing you to create lengthy texts of host chat sessions without getting tired.

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