ZAGG Flexed Tablets Out of Shape With the New ZAGGkeys Case

  • ZAGGkeys FLEX from ZAGG
  • ZAGGkeys FLEX from ZAGG review
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  • ZAGG presented ZAGGkeys FLEX
  • ZAGG presented ZAGGkeys FLEX review

ZAGGkeys FLEX is a unique tablet keyboard case from ZAGG . The new case was specifically designed for Apple iPad , but is also perfectly compatible with Samsung Galaxy Tab and other Android tablets and smartphones. Essentially the FLEX is a standalone keyboard, which is protected by its own cover.

The cover can turn into a tablet stand case offering perfect angles in both portrait and landscape modes. The new keyboard uses the latest advancements in Bluetooth technology to offer only the best and hassle-free connection to the tablet. The rechargeable battery can provide up to several months of usage in between charges.

Designated special function keys offer quick and easy access to the most important functions of the tablet right from the keyboard. Island-style design of the keys offers maximum typing room. The FLEX is the best solution for tablet owners looking to do a lot of typing on-the-go.

The case can be yours for $80.

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