Whitewashed: Low Prices Forcing No-name Tablet PC Makers out of China

No name tablet makers forced out of China

A few unintended consequences have occurred due to the release of the Android 4.0 operating system and the faster Nvidia Tegra 3 processor and, according to at least one techie, the new technology spells doom for China’s “white box” tablet PC manufacturers.

With the newly-released Amazon Kindle Fire priced at $200 and below plus the first wave of Android 4.0-compatible tablets has forced other players to directly compete by lowering their prices in turn. According to Digitimes, the China-based Lenovo now sells its tablet PCs on the Chinese market for about $158 – a price the “no-name” brands cannot meet and stay profitable.

Local manufacturers assess that “more than 70% of the existing white-box players could quit the market by the first quarter of 2012.”

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