Compulocks Keeps Your Motorola Xoom Under Tablet Lock and Key

  • Compulocks Xoom Tablet Lock
  • Compulocks Xoom Tablet Lock screenshot
  • Xoom Tablet Lock from Compulocks

Xoom Tablet Lock from Compulocks is a great anti-theft solution for your Motorola Xoom . This two piece lock mechanism will deter sneaky thieves protecting your investment into the latest piece of technology. Compulocks offers a wide range of locks virtually for any tablet on the market.

The first part of the anti-theft solution is a Glue-On Locking Plate featuring a built-in security slot, which can be attached to the tablet’s surface. The other part is a strong steel cable, which not only looks tough, but is almost impossible to break without the necessary tools. The cable can be looped around a fixed object, while the locking head can be attached to the locking plate in order to secure the tablet.

The Xoom Tablet Lock is a perfect solution for display units, stores, trade exhibitions and other situations with high volume of traffic. The Tablet Lock will guarantee the tablet stays where you put it and it costs only a fraction of the device’s value.

The Xoom Tablet Lock can be yours for $49.95.

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