Get Ready Tablets and Smartphones: Google’s “Currents” is Out

Google has released a free and fast reader app that keeps the great magazine-like layout for either Apple OS or Android-based tablets and smartphones. Called, “Currents”, the app allows magazine publishers to create mini-apps inside Google Currents, making any website easily converted into an “edition” if it has a feed.

In the app, editions can combine multiple feeds, photo streams and video streams, Google+ updates and more. So far, there are 180 free "editions".

Google sees the new app as a way to promote and integrate other Google components, like Google Analytics and their growing social network, Google+: "Great content needs a great audience, which is why Google Currents is integrated with Google+ so users can share articles or videos they've enjoyed with their circles. Publishers can also associate their account with Google Analytics in order to increase their awareness of consumers' content preferences, device use and geographic distribution.”

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