To Tablet or To Ultrabook? That is the Question

Tablets vs ultrabooks

The folks over at Netbooklive have put out a very useful article talking up the differences between ultrabooks (very slim & lightweight laptops, SSD inside) and tablets. Here’s a summary of how the two compare:


  • use Intel’s second generation Sandy Bridge processors

  • mainly run on Windows 7

  • typically maximum of 0.8 inches, but with 13.3 inch screen and a full size keyboard

  • no touch screen


  • run mostly on ARM-based chips

  • typically run versatile Android

  • usually very slim, eg, Apple iPad 2 is around 0.3 inches thick

  • touch screen friendly

The final comparison base is price, with tablets costing about as much as the ultrabooks. Still, ultrabooks may be a new competitor within the growing post-PC industry of cheap, useable and portable technology.

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