End of Year Sales Report Reveals Apple Still Way Ahead of the Pack

Apple leads tablet sales

Market intelligence analysts IDC have released a report showing how tablet sales are panning out for different companies as we near the end of 2011. The report showed that Apple actually lost about 2% of the worldwide market share from second to third quarter, going from a whopping 63.3% to a still whopping 61.5%.

The folks over at Engadget believe this is due to HP selling of nearly a million of its failing TouchPad in an eBay auction.

Of course tablets aren’t only about Apple. The other contenders in the tablet war came in as follows: Android devices moved down from 33.2% to 32.4% of the total tablet sales. Samsung took in 5.6%, Barnes & Noble Nook 4.5% and Asus had 4%.

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