Tablets Take Las Vegas by Storm

CES 2012

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is one of the biggest trade shows out there, acting as a central point for the growing global consumer electronics industry. Here, firms come to show off their new products and latest innovations.

While Apple doesn’t attend the show, many other tablet-makers have been using the opportunity to get out their slates.

Toshiba is set to show off its newest Tablet (588 grams, 10.1 inches wide and 7 mm thick) while Asus plans to offer up the Eee Pad Slider with a pullout keyboard. Archos has released an 8-inch tablet and Samsung is adding an 8.9-inch Galaxy Tab to its tablet family. Velocity Micro introduces its T507 Android 4.0 slate (with 7-inch screen, camera at less than $150).

As CES continues this week, plan on seeing more and more tablet announcements.

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