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Designer tablet cases

Tablets are more and more an everyday feature on our lives, which is why some people out there are taking their tablet cases to the next level. Perhaps at first it was about protecting your Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, but now style and fashion have begun to make its way into the tablet case world, pointing out that these tablets are not just gadgets, but are an integral part of lifestyles.

This week I take a look at some of the ways designers are introducing and integrating their fashion sense with tablets and how some more standard case makers are adjusting.

First, the big fashion names:


Gucci has put forth a collection of stunning cases such as their Diamond Apple iPad case. Decked out in a camel brown leather trim and suede lining, it can be yours for just $315. (I already feel ready to stroll down Fifth Avenue!)

Gucci iPad case

Oscar de la Renta

If high-priced leather isn’t your thing, then check out designer Oscar de la Renta colored (blue, red, or yellow) snake-skin case for the Apple iPad at $390. Definite eye-catcher and maybe as striking as the tablet.

Oscar de la Renta iPad Case

Louis Vuitton

Of course if we are talking about the elite of the fashion world, then Louis Vuitton has a seat at the table. Louis Vuitton entered the tablet fashion in early 2011 with its Apple iPad Case, adorned by its classic and instantly recognizable monogram design. A bit more than the Gucci and nearing the price of the tablet itself: $390.

Louis Vuitton iPad Sleeve

Salvatore Ferragamo

Coming in at a bit cheaper price than the Louis Vuitton, Salvatore Ferragamo has crafted an elegant envelope tablet case design made from European farmed calfskin leather with an Alcantara-line interior. $290

Salvatore Ferragamo iPad case

Yves Saint Laurent

This French fashion designer’s name overflows with luxury and class. Yves Saint Laurent has crafted a simple, yet sophisticated black leather case with the classic gold Y monogram. $750

YSL iPad Case

Chanel iPad Clutch

Chanel wins the most expensive tablet award with its quilted lambskin Apple iPad case at $1,555. Stunning prices for some, but an essential part of a jet-set lifestyle for others.

Chanel iPad Clutch

Jill-E at Consumer Electronics Show 2012

Another mover in the tablet fashion, but lesser known than those above, has been the designer Jill-E. Originally crafting designer camera bags, Jill-E has jumped in the tablet waters with some stunning tablet bags (that are actually more purse-like than just a case).

Jill-E laptop messenger bag

In a brief statement, President and Co-Founder Gail Backal said, “Our stylish new E-GO Leather Tablet Tote has been created to safely carry the iPad 2, e-readers and other tablets and successfully fuses fashion and function. It satisfies a growing demand for carry bags with style and flair that not only offer security for today’s personal electronic devices, but also help to establish one’s personal image.”

Jill-E laptop messenger bag black

Local Designs

Also local boutiques and smaller-scale fashion designers are getting in on the tablet action. The young and talented Hungarian designers Zsófi Rainer and Cili Varga from Hungary have designed an excellent collection of The Beta Version cases including an iPad sleeve and an eReader case. The cases feature a funky punched-out folk pattern on the front. In my opinion, these cases are much cooler than the widely distributed high street cases of Vuitton and Burberry and at a more affordable price.

Some Old with the New

Similarly, not all is high-end fashion and prices. In Japan, designer Nobuaki Tomita has begun designing Apple iPad 2 cases from kimono fabric. Tomita is attempting to revive the dying kimono art for younger generations by using sash material worn by apprentice geishas. The kimono fabric itself is actually incredibly durable and of high quality—great features for a case! With 12 designs ranging from cherry flowers, bamboo set and apricots. Keep an eye out for them online in February 2012.

Nobuaki Tomita iPad case

The familiar tech names: Case-Mate’s Spring 2012 Collection

Not all fashion is relegated to designer labels. The ol’ standard Case-Mate has been known for introducing innovative accessories for protection for years now, but not necessarily fashion and style. This year, however, the company is changing faces with the evolving tablet tide and showing off nearly 100 new cases for their Spring 2012 catalog that should appeal to the fashionista tech-lover. With these cases, you’ll find eye-catching colors and design forward textures that go well with almost any tablet and any personal style.

Case-Mate cases

Tablet Insight is a weekly column by Thomas Andersen that focuses on the innovative tablet uses and considers what is the most compatible and necessary tablet case.
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