Roger Waters is Jealous of the iOwall iPad Case from iOmounts

  • iOmounts iOwall

iOwall from iOmounts is a great wall mount tablet case . Its simple design makes it extremely easy to install on virtually any surface. The new case is suitable not only for Apple iPad or Apple iPad 2, but for other tablets and even smartphones as well. It is available in “tablet” and “mini” size.

The magnetic force of the new Apple iPad case is strong enough to securely hold the tablet hanging off the wall or any other surface you choose to attach it to. The revolutionary iOcore technology allows you to achieve limitless viewing angles thanks to freely rotating nature of the iOsphere.

Each package includes the iOwall, large and small iOcores, three iOadapts and all the necessary mounting hardware. The new Apple iPad 2 case comes in White Powdercoat, Black Powdercoat and Stainless Steel colors.

The case can be yours for $49.

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