Tablet Insight: Rugged Tablet Cases

Tablet Insight: Rugged and Tough

When you read a case description that tells you ‘keeps tablet safe from everyday wear and tear’ does that also apply if you work on a construction site? Or what about those of us who tend to use their gadgets a bit harder than others? It is important to fit your tablet to the correct way YOU use it. We all have our own case needs, so how can we go about satisfying the demands of a rough’n’tough daily grind?

Construction Site Ready

Let’s start off with the most rare of cases, the exotic casing that looks fit for withstanding a steel beam impact. For example, Gumdrop makes extremely rugged Apple iPad cases that provide shock absorption and drop protection. Very hard-core.

Drop Tech Rugged iPad Case

Another heavy-duty and durable case out there is the Kraken iPad case. With a screen protector and polycarbonate shell, your iPad is useable in almost any outdoor situation.

Impact Resistant

Well, not all of us have such manly jobs as carrying around bags of cement and climbing up and down ladders to build things. Instead, what about those of us who just need a rugged case because we tend to drop our tablets more often? If this describes you, then I direct your attention to the couch potato work-a-holic klutz proof rugged Wardmaster cases. Their X-Fit Leather Book Stand Case is the perfect rugged case that also looks pretty cool in almost any situation.

Wardmaster XFit

There are also some of us who may want a rugged appeal along with exclusivity. In that line, nothing touches Factron’s HighDefender—it can be yours for just over $700.

Factron HighDefender

Made from ultra tough Duralumin, this case is still lightweight like a leather tablet case at 290 grams (about 10 ounces, so your steak dinner weighs more).

Safe and Sound

Maybe you don’t need such a rugged tablet case , but would prefer something durable, protective and safe. Kensington cases are the only ones out there to include a built-in lock. Attach it almost anywhere and the case is sure to give you some peace of mind if you need to step away from your tablet for a moment.

Kensington SecureBack with lock

If you don’t need the lock but are a fan of Kensington’s durability then check out a simpler version:

Kensington SecureBack simple

But Really, How Resistant Can a Case Be?

By far the most rugged of the rugged prize has to go to case makers G-Form (probably better known for the high impact sportswear). G-Form recently dressed up an iPad in one of their extreme cases, attached it to a weather balloon and let the thing drop 10,000 feet—from the edge of space to hard solid earth.

The iPad is still working and G-Form now has bragging rights to some of the most extreme impact tests out there.

See more about the balloon-drop here:

Not satisfied? Ever wonder what would happen if you drop a bowling ball on your iPad? G-Form is here to prevent any home-based tests you may be brewing up (also is a great way to bet against your friends):

Better Safe than Sorry

If there is a moral to this editorial, it has to be “better safe than sorry”. If you know that you will use your tablet in potentially damaging work environments, or if you are just very self-aware and realize you’re a bit clumsy, then it is probably time you invest in a rugged tablet case . Make sure to check out all of our offers and info at tablet2cases—a little time researching will save you big bucks on replacing a cracked tablet screen.

Tablet Insight is a weekly column by Thomas Andersen that focuses on the innovative tablet uses and considers what is the most compatible and necessary tablet case.
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