US Department of Defense Approves Griffin Survivor for the New iPad

  • Griffin Survivor
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  • Survivor from Griffin

Survivor from Griffin is a highly durable rugged tablet case designed to fit the Apple iPad 2 and the new iPad. The case is tested and certified to meet the harsh conditions set by the US Department of Defense. You can subject the tablet to even the most extreme impacts and drops: nothing will damage it.

The unique integral display shield of the new Apple iPad 2 case deflects wind and rain drops (tested up to 200mm/hr). The extremely rigid internal frame absorbs any drops and impacts. All ports are sealed to withstand blown sand and dust (tested up to 18 m/sec). Silicone cladding downplays any vibration.

The Apple "New iPad" 3 case comes together with a convenient multi-position tablet stand offering several viewing angles perfect for typing or enjoying multimedia. The new Griffin tablet case is the best choice for iPad owners working in harsh conditions on a daily basis.

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