The New iPad Graduates Pad & Quill Bindery Inside a New Case

  • Pad & Quill Graduate Edition Case
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  • Graduate Edition Case from Pad & Quill
  • Graduate Edition Case from Pad & Quill review
  • Graduate Edition Case from Pad & Quill screenshot

Pad & Quill presented Graduate Edition Case – an exquisite book tablet case designed specifically for the new iPad. The top-quality wood material keeps the tablet safe from bumps and bruises inside the handmade frame featuring a unique Sure-Lock system, preventing any accidental slip outs.

The Apple "New iPad" 3 case features built-in magnets which activate or put the tablet to sleep upon closing or opening the cover. The high-quality wood material is complemented by stylish traditional book bindery cloth. The case not only looks great, but feels like a real book in your hands.

A special sound channel directs the sound coming from speaker right at you. The satin interior finish keeps the screen smudge and scratch free. All ports and buttons are open to free access. The new case comes in three color combinations. A small document pocket can be included for an extra charge.

The case can be yours for $59.99.
Document pocket costs extra $4.99.

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