Seidio Offers the New iPad Expert Protection and Unique Technology

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Seidio presented Expert โ€“ the latest folio tablet case compatible with the Apple iPad 2 and the new iPad. The case is crafted from eco-friendly synthetic leather providing enough durability to keep the tablet safe from minor bumps and impacts. Unique technology and versatile functionality are among the best features of the new case.

The revolutionary Clean-Grip adhesive technology utilized on the new iPad case provides an ultra-secure fit without leaving any residue on the tablet. You can rest assured: the tablet will stay inside the case at all times, unless you really want it to come out. Removing and re-attaching the device to the case can be done in one swift motion.

All ports and buttons are open to free access with the new Apple iPad 2 case on the tablet. The Expert can also double up as a comfy tablet stand offering two viewing angles perfect for typing or enjoying multimedia. A special Cover Lock secures the case in closed position and prevents accidental openings.

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