Brad, Eddie and Sam Build a Key Brydge for the New iPad

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Brydge from Brad, Eddie and Sam is a unique tablet keyboard case currently seeking funding at Kickstarter. The funding goal has been long reached and the unique case will go into production in June. The case is not only highly functional, but comes with unique features and boasts an elegant design. Designed for the Apple iPad and the new iPad.

The best feature of the new iPad case is its one-of-a-kind patent-pending hinge, which securely holds the tablet and allows the owner to position the device at almost 180 degrees. This turns the new case into a tablet stand with virtually endless number of angles. You can even close it up completely and the built-in magnets will put the device to sleep.

Another important feature of the new Apple iPad 2 case is the anodized aluminum body, which is the next best thing aesthetically since the iPad itself. The case connects to the device seamlessly ensuring the full “laptop” experience. The Brydge keyboard pairs with the iPad via Bluetooth, excluding the need for any wiring, and charges over USB port. Extra options include built-in speakers.

Pledges of $170 or more will land you the Brydge keyboard.

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