Capdase Dots the “i” in the Folio Case for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

  • Capdase Folio Dot

Folio Dot from Capdase is a great folio tablet case designed specifically for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7. The new case features smart, ultra-slim design and offers the tablet an all-round protection from everyday bumps and impacts. Exquisite craftsmanship and careful attention to every detail ensure the best possible quality.

The new Samsung Galaxy 7.7 case comes with a subtle tab closure system, which keeps the case firmly shut when not in use and prevents accidental slip outs. The ultra-soft suede interior lining ensures the tablet always stays in pristine condition eliminating the risk of smudges and scratches.

The case can transform into a highly convenient tablet stand offering a multitude of viewing angles including a very comfortable slightly slant typing angle. The new Capdase tablet case is available in white/green, red/black, and black/green color combinations.

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