Frank Clegg Serpentine Case Explains Geography to the New iPad

  • Frank Clegg Serpentine iPad Case
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  • Serpentine iPad Case from Frank Clegg
  • Serpentine iPad Case from Frank Clegg review

Frank Clegg presented Serpentine iPad Case โ€“ an exquisite envelope tablet case crafted out of their signature vegetable tanned leather . The case is big enough to accommodate any of the Apple tablets including the Apple iPad, iPad 2, and the new iPad. The tablet designer case becomes the first item in the Serpentine collection.

The new iPad case comes with one-of-a-kind closure system, which the designer calls the Serpentine closure. It not only looks great, but serves its purpose by keeping the case securely shut when not in use and the tablet safely within the case. All edges of the case are rounded and polished to enhance quality and looks.

The interior of the new Apple iPad 2 case is not lined with any material, but the back side of the leather exterior is smooth enough to keep the device safe from scratching and smudging. The Apple iPad case will certainly appeal to all tablet owners looking for a high-quality case with minimalist design and luxury details.

The price for this item is $180.

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