The New Case From Apple Makes the New iPad Even Smarter

  • Apple iPad Smart Case
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  • iPad Smart Case from Apple
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  • iPad Smart Case from Apple screenshot

Apple launched iPad Smart Case โ€“ a classic folio tablet case designed to fit the Apple iPad 2 and the new iPad. The new official case is made from highly durable polyurethane material and offers an all-round protection for the tablet while remaining ultra-slim and lightweight. The new case is basically a combination of a back protector and a Smart Cover attached to it.

The front cover of the new iPad case features built-in magnets and will interact with the device to wake it up and put it to sleep. The cover also acts as a tablet stand : folding in several ways it will provide various viewing angles suitable for comfortable typing and enjoying multimedia.

The new Apple iPad 2 case comes in six different colors allowing everyone to choose the one that suits them best. Apple is even providing a free option to customize the case by engraving a name or a logo onto its back this way the case can turn into something truly unique.

The case can be yours for $49.

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