Annie and Seb Employ a Lion to Guard the New iPad in Peluche Case

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The Peluche from Annie and Seb is a highly original folio tablet case seeking funding at Kickstarter. The case is compatible with the Apple iPad 2 and the new iPad. The original design of the case features Lenny the Lion sewn directly onto the back, making the whole case look like a funny and soft fuzzy animal.

Besides the original looks, the new Apple iPad 2 case is highly functional as well. The head of the lion is big enough to provide enough support, when the case is transforming into a tablet stand for typing. The cover features built-in magnets turning the device on and off upon closing or opening the cover.

The legs of the lion are zippered pockets, which can fit headphones, cables and charger. Naturally, the new iPad case provides enough protection to shield the tablet from minor impacts and bumps thanks to the combination of interior protective layer and exterior fur. Tablet2Cases found the idea a very attractive one and already pledge funds to help developers.

Pledges of $45 or more will secure a case for you.

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