ModulR Swings into the Tough New iPad Heart With New Accessories

  • ModulR Swing Mount and Tough Case
  • ModulR Swing Mount and Tough Case review
  • ModulR Swing Mount and Tough Case screenshot
  • Swing Mount and Tough Case from ModulR

ModulR is about to add new accessories to its product line: the Swing Mount and the Tough Case, after successfully raising enough funding through Kickstarter. Tablet2Cases also helped the manufacturer by pledging funds. ModulR is the most comprehensive iPad case and accessory system on the market. All accessories are compatible with both the Apple iPad 2 and the new iPad.

The Swing Mount is a great tablet stand case , which helps to securely place the tablet on virtually any surface. The new iPad case offers 360° of swivel freedom and 180° of rotation. The case offers perfect stability and countless mounting options thanks to high-torque hinges and low profile design. The Swing Mount Pro version has a special locking mechanism to enhance anti-theft protection.

The Tough Case is essentially a great folio tablet case providing the device with durable protection from bumps and bruises. The cover of the new Apple iPad 2 case can be easily removed if not needed, however, it also functions as a convenient tablet stand when attached. A comfy hand strap is also included. Naturally the new case is fully compatible with other ModulR accessories.

Pledges of $69 or more will guarantee you a Tough Case.
The Swing Mount can be yours as part of the Display Pack 01, once you pledge $79 or more.

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