iPad Becomes Bulletproof With the VestGuard UK Ballistic Panel

  • VestGuard UK Ballistic iPad Panel
  • VestGuard UK Ballistic iPad Panel screenshot

Ballistic iPad Panel from VestGuard UK is a unique rugged tablet case compatible with the Apple iPad. The case is bulletproof. Yes, I’m not kidding! It can withstand direct hit from a 9mm handgun thanks to the cutting edge uni-directional aramid fiber material. Naturally, the “normal” impacts and bumps are also covered.

Despite its unique protective capabilities the case only weighs 170gr and is 3mm thick. The case is basically a subtle panel, which can be inserted behind the tablet inside most third-party tablet cases drastically improving their protective capabilities. The panel is sold either separately or together with a folio tablet case featuring minimalistic design.

The Apple iPad case is the perfect solution for hot spots and war zones, where military personnel need the convenience of a tablet PC, protected by a case designed to withstand extreme abuse. The case meets the 0108.01 requirements for Ballistic Resistance of Materials set by the National Institute of Justice.

The price for this item is $78.
Panel plus tablet folio case cost $93.

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