Top 5 Kids’ Cases

Top 5 Kids' Cases

Tablet users are getting younger and younger, it seems, and with good reason. As the 21st century marches on, the demand for schoolchildren to have knowledge of electronic media has created an entire generation which learns on a tablet PC first. Of course, parents entrusting an expensive Apple new iPad or other tablet to children will have certain factors in mind – for the younger the child is, the more potential damage can be done to the tablet without a suitable kids case .

For concerned parents of tech-savvy kids has Tablet2Cases compiled a list of the Top 5 Kids’ Cases. See below for the best in cases for users from toddlers to junior high.

1. The Speck iGuy Universal iPad case – Buy Now for $39.95

The iGuy from Speck is a simply-designed rubber case that’s appealing to kids and takes a punishment. iGuy’s “arms” serve as easy-to-hold handles , with the legs and feet making a great tablet stand for video viewing. This one cushions the tablet from even serious drops while remaining a lovable addition to the kids’ toy box.

Speck iGuy Universal iPad Kids Case

2. Totoya Creatures Robotto and YetYet iPad Interactive Kids Cases – Buy Now for $79.90

Designed for toddlers, Totoya Creatures cases include specially-designed cutouts and a downloadable app to provide the wee ones with age-appropriate activities and games. Exteriors of plastic (the Robotto) or plush (the YetYet) are easy to hold while cushioning well the tablet against drops.

Totoya Creatures YetYet iPad Interactive Kids Case

3. The Headcase Etch-a-Sketch tablet case – Buy Now for $39.99

Once a Generation X parent gets a look at the Etch-a-Sketch from Headcase, the problem becomes apparent: This one’s so nostalgic and cool-looking, the kids may never actually get a chance to use it! Released in tandem with the toy’s 50th anniversary, this Headcase tablet case is durable and contains a solid retractable stand as well.

Headcase Etch a Sketch

4. The AddyCase for New iPad/iPad 2

The AddyCase is built for toddlers on up and is all about providing slip-resistant durability at a light weight. The super-tough, grippable handle is a plus for active youngsters, and an interesting feature is provided in the “Anti-Home protection,” which prevents children from accidentally pushing “home” while involved in other activities.


5. The X-Doria Widge for New iPad/iPad 2 – Buy Now for $39.99

X-Doria’s Widge simply and inexpensively provides everything parents will be looking for in a kids’ tablet case: durability and protection that’s easy to clean. The handle makes the Widge easy to carry, the tablet stand works well at two angles and the interior padding is excellent – and all for under $40 suggested retail.

X-Doria Widge

For more information, including news and reviews, on our Top 5 Kids’ Cases or like designs, please refer to the Tablet2Cases “Kids’ Cases” wiki page .
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