The New Case From Padacs Allows the New iPad to Endure Power Outages

  • Padacs Enduro
  • Padacs Enduro screenshot
  • Enduro from Padacs

Enduro from Padacs is a stylish tablet battery case designed for the Apple iPad 2 and the new iPad. The case is made out of PU leather in and out, and also features a special tablet holder made of durable TPU. The best thing about the new case is, naturally, its built-in battery, which is only 5.5mm thick, but offers 6800mAh of extra juice.

The battery of the new iPad case can extend the operating time of the iPad 2 by 75% and the new iPad by 50%. The smart, one-button charging is guaranteed by the SGS-Thomson Chip offering stable and reliable functionality. The case has four-level LED display allowing to keep track of the battery’s power.

The new Apple iPad 2 case can also charge other device through a USB cable. The new Padacs tablet case can also transform into a highly convenient tablet stand with several viewing angles, making it one of the most functional tablet battery cases on the market.

The case can be yours for $59.95.

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