Prevent Hackers From Reaching Your Tablet With the Anti-Radiation Case

  • Protective Anti-Radiation Case
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  • Protective Anti-Radiation Case for iPad
  • Protective Anti-Radiation Case for iPad review
  • Protective Anti-Radiation Case for iPad screenshot

Protective Anti-Radiation Case is an intriguing generic tablet sleeve compatible with all Apple tablets including the iPad, iPad 2, and the new iPad, as well as a wide range of other similarly sized devices. The main purpose of the new case is to block harmful radiation coming out of the tablet to reduce the risk of cancer and other detrimental health effects.

The drawback of the new iPad case is the fact that it blocks not only radiation, but 3G, GPRS, and GPS signals as well. Although this feature is great amidst the rising fears of personal device hacking, it also raises the question as to who would need a case that blocks the tablet’s main functionality.

The Apple iPad 2 case comes with a number of pockets to hold important things. The tab closure is combined with Velcro to secure the case when not in use and keep the tablet within at all times. The Apple iPad case is crafted out of nylon fabric, which repels water and dust and keeps the device safe from minor impacts.

The price for this case is $10.89.

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