Customize Your New iPad Books With the Alano Series From Portenzo

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Portenzo launched Alano – a collection of high-quality book tablet cases compatible with the Apple iPad 2 and the new iPad. Made from a single sheet of 4mm thick grade A-1 genuine leather , the case offers stunning looks and durable everyday protection keeping the tablet safe from impacts and scuffs.

The peculiarity of the new iPad cases is the fact that they are only available on a limited basis as long as the manufacturer’s supplies permit. The collection consists of five different styles, some costing more than the original model. Each and every case is handmade to ensure the best possible quality.

The Apple iPad case doubles up as a highly convenient tablet stand offering several viewing angles. The case offers great customization options each bearing an additional surcharge. These include a stylus compartment, IntelliStand, camera opening, pro stylus, laser engraving, and a personal embossing.

The price for the basic model is $124.95.

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