Top 5 Tablet Messenger Bags

Top 5 Messenger Bags

Messenger bags: As innumerable tablet users know, they’re not just for bicyclists anymore. Noted for their useful features and convenience, the tablet messenger bag is the best case scenario for those often on the go. Within the range, key factors include light weight and reasonable price. Tablet2Cases below lists our choice of the Top 5 Tablet Messenger Bags currently available on the market. Conveniently carry your tablet worry-free with any of the following

1. The Skooba Design Tablet Messenger V.3 – Buy Now for $128.95

Good for use with virtually any tablet and even smaller notebooks, the Messenger V.3 from Skooba Design offers outstanding protection and durability with a water-repellent “Micro Ballistic Nylon” exterior. Inside, the Messenger V.3 boasts no fewer than 16 pockets. If you need another tablet bag, well, you may have too much stuff.

Skooba Design Tablet Messenger V.3

2. The Wardmaster iPad Shoulder Bag – Buy Now for $58.95

The iPad Shoulder Bag from Wardmaster seeks to bridge the gap between custom-fit armor and lightweight carry-all. And this Wardmaster tablet case does so admirably, with a tight fit, good impact protection and a weight of just 13 ounces (0.3 kg). In short, as our reviewer commented, it’s “The basics, done to perfection.”

Wardmaster iPad Shoulder Bag

3. Bagjack CircDisCover tablet messenger bag

CircDisCover is a highly convenient and versatile tablet messenger bag with a distinctive belt system in the interior. This allows the user to go from messenger bag to tablet stand in seconds. Along with the adjustable shoulder strap, sturdy enclosing zippers and multiple pockets, BagJack has created quite a useful messenger bag.

BagJack CircDisCover

4. The Booq Cobra Courier XS tablet messenger bag

Most notable about the Cobra Courier XS bags from Booq is the material: A combination of water-resistant ballistic nylon, nylon twill, genuine leather and quality plush interior makes this tablet messenger bag truly stand out. Several slip pockets and one quick-access zippered pocket only add to this tablet bag built to last.

Booq Cobra Courier XS

5. Wardmaster Guitar Tablet Shoulder Bag - Buy Now for $64.95

Wow, this one’s an eye-catcher with its truly unique guitar shape and ripple pattern. Better yet, there’s that same Wardmaster construction in ultra-thin protection against extreme shock and impact. Unfortunately, the Wardmaster Guitar Tablet bags suffer a bit in terms of pockets, but for simple and attractive carrying, they’re a decent choice.

Wardmaster Guitar Tablet Shoulder Bag

Tablet2Cases has lots more information, pictures, videos and reviews on the Top 5 Tablet Messenger Bags and others in this style. Please see our wiki page entitled “Messenger Bags” to seek out your best case scenario.
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